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For websites:

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Add the widget’s script tag (below) to a website page just after the opening <body> tag

<script src="http://widget.handiscover.com/~hd/widget.js"></script>

Add one or more of the below snippets wherever you want the widget to appear

Powered By

<div class="pb" data-layout="handiscover_small_widget_certificate_class_1"></div>

Powered By

<div class="pb" data-layout="handiscover_small_widget_certificate_class_2"></div>

Powered By

<div class="pb" data-layout="handiscover_small_widget_certificate_class_3"></div>

Powered By

<div class="pb" data-layout="handiscover_big_widget_certificate_class_1"></div>

Powered By

<div class="pb" data-layout="handiscover_big_widget_certificate_class_2"></div>

Powered By

<div class="pb" data-layout="handiscover_big_widget_certificate_class_3"></div>

Once the changes have been applied, the selected widget will appear on your web page.

SSL Support – These widgets currently do not support https protocol.

Note for developers

Handiscover partner widgets have a max-width of 300px and their associated media assets have a natural width of 632px [Small-widget] or 318px [big-widget]. To allow for a fluid-width, add the pb-responsive class to your .pb element.

The widgets help you to promote your partnership with Handiscover by displaying a Handiscover logo and tagline that link to Handiscover website.

For websites and marketing materials:

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