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Travel Tips – Insurance


Over 124 million travelers in the US are covered by travel insurance or emergency services every year. The top three reasons travelers buy insurance are peace of mind, protection, and financial security.

There are many types of risk the traveler could face that could cause financial loss.

Types of Risk

Someone gets sick, and you have to cancel, you lose all upfront nonrefundable costs.
A natural disaster cuts your trip short.
A family emergency may necessitate canceling and making new travel plans.
A visit to a foreign hospital that leaves you with a large bill.
A medical airlift leaves you with crippling debt.
An emergency abroad could leave you helpless.
Stolen luggage could leave you without personal belongings and prescription medicines.

Travel insurance covers cancellations, medical expenses, emergency evacuations, loss or delays, and 24/7 assistance. Additional coverages that may be added are:


• Trip Interruption
• Hurricane & Weather
• Terrorism
• Financial Default
• Employment Layoff
• Cancel For Work Reasons
• Cancel For Any Reason

Medical Related

• Primary Medical
• Emergency Medical
• Pre-existing Medical
• Medical Deductible


• Medical Evacuation
• Non-Medical Evacuation

Loss or Delays<h/h3>
• Travel Delay
• Baggage Delay
• Baggage Loss
• Missed Connection

Life Insurance

• Accidental Death
• Air Flight Accident
• Common Carrier


• Hazardous Sports

Other Benefits

• Rental Car
• Money Back Guarantee
• 24 Hour Assistance Service

Certain loopholes can affect coverage, such as a pre-existing condition or incomplete documentation. Check your policy thoroughly before accepting it. Insurance costs are usually 4 to 8% of the trip cost.

Travel insurance can be quoted and purchased online using a credit card. Many companies offer travel insurance. Compare company plans for cost and coverage.

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