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British Airways

British Airways is the largest airline in the United Kingdom based on the fleet size. If measured by the number of passengers carried it is the second-largest airline company in the United Kingdom. It is the largest worldwide operator of the Boeing 747-400, having 57 aircrafts in its fleet.

The airline has its main hub at London Heathrow Airport and serves all six continents. UK’s flag carrier, operates international flights to over 160 locations. Out of these destinations the most popular countries are UK, USA and Spain however in the top 10 countries that stood out we can also find India, Thailand, South Africa and China.

Disability and mobility assistance

A 48 hours’ notice is requested for those passengers that require additional help to complete their journey.
Depending on the type of assistance required whether it’s a mobility, visual, hearing or developmental impairment the BA airline has different policies in place. The below information will help you better understand what needs to be done in each case:


British Airways can arrange for an escort to guide you from the moment you arrive at the airport, through the check in point, boarding the aircraft and at your arrival airport.
Your wheelchair or mobility aids will be carried for free in addition to your free baggage allowance. At most airports, you will be allowed to use your own wheelchair until you get to the departure gate. Alternatively you will be offered the option to leave your wheelchair at the check-in point and use one of the airport’s wheelchairs.

The cabin crew can assist you to move your luggage, with the food or to go to the toilet. However they are not allowed to help you in any way with personal care issues.
The airline also offers help for passengers who are visually or hearing impaired.
In case you need to bring your assistance dog along you are responsible for providing a dog car safety harness in order to secure it during take-off and landing or whenever the seat belt signs are switched on. Qualified guide dogs are permitted free access to the cabin.

If you need to bring along medicines or medical equipment, it would be best if to take it in its original packaging in your hand baggage, together with a prescription or supporting letter from your doctor. In case in-flight oxygen is required you must book it in advance as it can be provided to only one person on board. In order to make a reservation it is recommended to contact the Passenger Medical Clearance Unit before booking your flight.

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